The Republic of Korea National Textbook Research Organ’s goal for all the executive and staff is to Improve and serve our esteemed customers with open heart and provide Textbook information service as our central mission.

Organization Structure

Organization Structure - Board of Directors
 Non-standing researchers
 Non-standing expert advisors 
 Non-standing Research Support Corps
 Secretary General
 Textbook Information One-stop ServiceCenter
 General Affairs Department
 Investigation/Research Department
 Textbook Information Library

Board of Directors ubmit to the top legislative organ basic policies carried out, budget and account settlements plus other important deliberations and decisions (resolutions)
Non-executive researchers Textbook research work advisory and Trust fund management
Secretariat Foundation’s general work
General Affairs
  • organize board of directors meetings, etc.
  • Establish regulations and enact them
  • Financial, assets, and auditing management.
  • Personnel, salary, service, education and employee benefit package
  • Business profit development
  • Business and operation plan
  • Office documents and maintenance, etc.
  • Deal with all other unrelated departments case-by case
Research Section
  • Textbook business research plan and implementation
  • Textbook and curriculum basic collections·business-like research operation
  • collect data for investigative research·arrange·analyze·preserve·use
  • Support permanent and non-permanent researchers’ work
  • Publish and disseminate Textbook and curriculum related research materials
  • Publish and disseminate Textbook research papers
  • Other investigative research and publication dissemination related cases
Information Division
  • local and international textbooks and education materials, research data collection
    and dissemination·Exhibition
  • Provide information service for Textbook and related Database
  • Information on reading materials in possession of KTRF
  • Operate website and support data processing work
  • Display other textbook related materials case-by-case