I sincerely welcome you to the Korea Textbook Research Foundation (KTRF).

KTRF is a research institute that specializes in textbooks. It was established in 1992 as a non-profit public foundation, with an aim to enhance the quality of textbooks, in which the core contents of education are encompassed. KTRF has been contributing to the development of Korean education by implementing a diverse range of projects to manage the quality of textbooks.

Projects led by KTRF are mainly focused on the following objectives:

First, KTRF conducts in-depth studies of textbooks related to topics such as the institutional improvement of textbooks, international comparison of the institutional environment surrounding textbooks and survey of digital textbook demand. KTRF publishes the only quarterly periodical on textbooks, The Journal of Textbook Studies. This journal contributes to establishing textbook-related policies by consistently providing domestic and international research outcomes and information beneficial to school educators as well as by creating a platform through which individuals in education-related fields may communicate.

KTRF systematically manages the quality of textbooks. The Textbook Infromation One-stop Service(TIOS) of KTRF helps resolve textbook-related complaints speedily and accurately as well as collect a wide range of textbook-related comments, thereby rapidly resolving any difficulty. Through the Textbook Correction and Improvement Online System, any correction or improvement made is immediately publicized to schools.

Furthermore, KTRF launched Korea’s first textbook library, the Textbook Information Center. Housing over 70,000 volumes of textbooks and relevant documents from Korea and other countries worldwide, the Center provides essential information to textbook developers and researchers, teachers, students and parents. KTRF conducts various workshops as part of efforts to train experts specializing in textbooks, and also hold the International Textbook Symposium on a regular basis to set the direction of textbook development as well as provide a variety of viewpoints on textbooks.

The present era is witnessing the fourth industrial revolution, characterized by artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, and other breakthrough developments. In response to such revolutionary changes, KTRF aims to spearhead the transformation of public education and play a leading role in nurturing human resources who will lead society in the future. KTRF spares no effort in supporting the development of quality textbooks which would promote diversity and autonomy in education as well as guarantee quality education.

  Thank you.

  Jun Woo Hong
  Chairman of the Korea Textbook Research Foundation(KTRF)