Our foundation’s textbook policy research, textbook professional training and seminar hosting, etc. As a Textbook professional institute, we suggesting a new textbook paradigm , too.

Government trust business

  • TIOS(Textbook Information One-Stop Service) management and operation
  • Monitoring individual textbooks for different subjects
  • Textbook supplementary materials and dissemination
  • Textbook events promotion (International symposium, Textbook exhibitions, etc.)
  • Textbook modification • publish supplementary materials and dissemination
  • Textbook professional developers training and performance of the training

Self-sponsored business

  • National textbook collection • Analyze collected information materials above
  • Collect and analyze local and international curriculums and Textbooks
  • International comparative research on curriculum and textbook systems
  • Textbook size, compilation design, and outside appearance system improvement research
  • Curriculum and textbook research performance and publication
  • Collect data for textbook price situation • Investigative research
  • Set up and manage an exhibition hall for local and international textbook plus all the related data
  • Hold textbook related trainings and seminars
  • Host essay contest for textbook lovers ( Annually)
  • Publish textbook research works (Quarterly)
  • Publish Korean textbook catalogue (Annually)
  • Property leasing service
  • Establish other corporate bodies inline with the business unit