International Textbook Symposium for textbook policy advancement

- International textbook symposium textbook policy trends and forecast (ITS 2011) - Domestic and foreign textbook exhibition at a glance

□ On 28th April, Korea Textbook Research Foundation opened the international symposium on domestic & foreign textbook exhibition by the theme of ‘Textbook policy’s trends and prospect’ held in the National Museum of Korea auditorium. o This is the first time to hold the international symposium relating the textbook by support from domestic non-governmental research foundation. o During the symposium there was a basic lecture by Susanne V. Knudsen from International Association for Research on Textbooks and Educational Media (IARTEM) CEO (Professor from Norway Bestfold University). Domestic and foreign specialists from America, China, France, Singapore etc. joined the presentation and discussion which had 3 sections; textbook policy, textbook development, and textbook practical use.